Environmental engineering for industry

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Environmental engineering for industry

Stage I

  • Environmental impact assessment of industrial enterprises
  • Environmental impact assessment of existing wastewater treatment plants
  • Optimization of existing wastewater treatment plants
  • Reconstruction of existing wastewater treatment plants
  • Designand construction of treatment plants and waste management facilities
  • Technical and economic assessment
  • Laboratory researches. Wastewater complex analysis
  • Environmental protection measures costs optimization

Stage II

  • Recirculated water systems development (Process technologies complex analysis)
  • Water treatment technologies development
  • Process regulations development
  • Waste management facilities design

Stage III

  • Delivery of the basic equipment (Flotation equipment, Membrane equipment, Filters, etc.)
  • Delivery of the auxiliary equipment. (Tanks, Pumps, Pipes, Monitor, etc.)
  • Erection of equipment

Stage IV

  • Balancing and commissioning of equipment
  • Staff training. Technical consultations. Field engineering
  • Warranty period