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Electroflotation unit

Electroflotation unit for wastewater treatment consists of electroflotator with insoluble anodes, tanks for reagent, pumps, rectifier of 100-150 A with voltage of 15-20 V, sludge collecting system.

The module ensures purification after reagent method, flocculation, electrolysis at the initial metal concentration in the waste waters of 20-100 mg/l.

Electroflotator ensures removal of Cu2+, Ni2+, Zn2+, Cd2+, Cr3+, Fe2+, Fe3+, Al3+ ions etc. from wastewater of electroplating and printed circuit board production at any ratio of components in the presence of different anions.


Table.1. Electroflotation system capability

Electroflotation module dimension, mm:
Weight, kg 200
Capacity, m3/hup to10
required pH for wastewater treatment:  
 nickel9,5 - 10
 copper and zinc9 - 9,5
 aluminium6 -7
 chrome (III)9,5 - 10
 iron (III)6,5 -7,5
 cadmium9,5 - 10

heavy metal ions in blend

9 - 10

oils and greases

6,5 - 8
Initial concentration, mg/lnot more than

heavy metals


suspended solids


oils and greases

residual concentration, mg/lnot more than

heavy metals


suspended solids


oils and greases

Power consumption, kW*h/m3not more than0,5
Voltage, V 24
DC Current, А 100-150
Lifetime of the insoluble anodes, yearsup to10

       Comparative assessment electroflotation equiipment with existing analogs:

  •        High efficiency of removal of dispersed phase (as example: for mix of heavy metals hydroxides degree of removal is a=99,9%);

  •        High efficiency of removal of oil and emulsions (a>90%);

  •        High capacity of equipment (1m2 of equipment per 4m3/h of treated water);

  •        Versatility. High efficiency of removal of mixture (as example: heavy metals hydroxides + oil + calcium phosphate);

  •        Lack of secondary water pollution;

  •        Low power consumption (0,1-0.5 Kwatt-h/m3);

  •        Ease of operation activity and automatic mode of operation;

  •        Low sediment moisture (94-96%), which it is easier to dewater respectively.

Electroflotation process

Electroflotation process

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