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       Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia Science Park is a client-oriented provider of engineering services in the field of Water treatment and Environmental protection. Since the founding of the subdivision in 1989, we have provided scientific, engineering and consulting services to industrial and governmental clients in Russia. One reason for MUCTR Science Park & NP TransEcoProject success is that we fully understand our clients' operating practices, processes and priorities. We design, construct and operate water treatment plants, waste management equipment and technologies for multiple, specially for plating, industries around the Russia and the Baltic States.

Resource saving technologiesIndustrial water recycling is the priority direction of activity in the field of development создания low-waste technological processes and non-waste production. Water consumption reduction and zero wastewater discharge is the main aim for protection of water resources

Wastewater treatment facilities

Electroplating industry

Water treatment membrane technologies

Waste water treatment from surfactant and oil

  • Ultrafiltration system
  • Membrane flotator
  • Mechanical filters
  • Sorption filters

Storm wastewater treatment

  • Electroflotator
  • Flotation unit
  • Mechanical filters
  • Sand filters


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10 Nov, 18:16
Технопарк РХТУ
Очистка сточных вод гальванического производства: новые решения more...
22 Sep, 03:15
Технопарк РХТУ
Заменяем устаревшие гальванокоагуляторы современными электрофлотаторами more...
10 Apr, 13:28
Технопарк РХТУ
Видео - Электрофлотатор в процессе работы на промышленных очистных сооружениях more...
1 Feb, 22:16
Технопарк РХТУ
Обоснованность и необоснованность применения различных перечней ПДК для сточных вод гальванического производства more...

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Оборотное водоснабжение

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Оборотное водоснабжение


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Международный институт логистики ресурсосбережения и технологической инноватики

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